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Building a Simple SQL Database

So, we’ve looked at the four basic SQL commands, but we haven’t really seen any useful examples of how they would work. In a moment, we’ll look at a set of commands that will create a basic database, fill it with some values, and run a simple SELECT command. These commands are designed to run […]

CRUD – The Things SQL Can Do

“CRUD”: “Create, Read, Update, Destroy”. These are the four basic database operations. Logically, they’re the four basic data operations as well. CREATE – The act of producing new data which has not previously been introduced to the system. This data can be produced internally (through calculations, mostly) or externally (through input). READ – The act […]

What is SQL? A Basic Introduction

In today’s society, it’s virtually impossible to find anyone who hasn’t worked with Microsoft Excel at some point. We are somewhat familiar with the idea of spreadsheets and tables. We’ve written a simple macro or two. And, of course, there is great value to Excel and its competitors. But Excel is weak. It’s virtually impossible […]

How to Use Big-O Notation

As we design functions, we have to consider how they will work in the real world. There are two common considerations as we compare solutions: Time complexity – The amount of time it will take for our solution to complete Space complexity – The amount of memory that our solution will consume Unfortunately, because we […]