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BlackLivesMatter Violence Caught on Video

BlackLivesMatter activists attacked several people during a peaceful talk at Cal. State Los Angeles. The mainstream media was’t there to tell the truth, as the truth would disrupt the narrative. But Loren Feldman, director of the forthcoming Silenced, risked his life to tell the truth about censorship culture in the U.S. You can watch the […]

The Rise of Trump (My Book on Donald Trump is Coming Soon)

Introduction. For years members of the media and political “experts” claimed I was part of a marginal movement, although I saw something no one else did, namely my analytics. I’ve been part of a movement to restore both American men and America to greatness. While media experts attacked me, my own influence grew. Journalists eventually put […]

A Journey to my Heart of Darkness (Ayahuasca)

“This might not be enjoyable,” Nic cautioned. “Ayahuasca isn’t a trip. It’s medicine that forces you to perform deep spiritual work. You may seem some dark images.” “The medicine” is what shamans and experienced users like Nic Gabriel call ayahuasca, a powerful entheogen derived from a vine found in the Amazon. The medicine is spoken […]

The College Rape Culture Heuristic (Why Trump?)

Unlike Hillary Clinton, who accepts bribes from foreign governments, and Ted Cruz who lies to win elections, and Marco Rubio who betrayed his voters with the Gang of 8 Bill, Trump cares only about power. Trump is an unelectable egotistical bully, we’ve been told since he entered the race, and he also has a ceiling of […]