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For fun and the sake of experimentation, I’ve been blogging at Medium. After a mere hour, someone had helpfully told me this was a huge mistake because I don’t own the platform. Wow! Thanks for the advice, who knew? Another told me I was giving web traffic to a liberal-owned website. Great, go build a […]

Twitter’s Shadow Ban to Lead to Shareholder Lawsuits?

Twitter is a publicly-traded corporation and thus its CEO Jack Dorsey has fiduciary obligations to his shareholders. Twitter is not Jack’s private little Super PAC. If Jack wants to censor influential and popular users, then he must disclose this to shareholders. He must tell them the truth, “I don’t care about shareholder value. I want […]

Social Constructs, Fake News, and the Trump Matrix

Everyone agrees that Trump is the most powerful man in world history. If you doubt this assertion, try reading a Twitter account omitting discussions of his latest doings. Trump has the power to make celebrities gain weight and to create millions of jobs within a few days. Make no mistake. I am not saying this power […]

I Accept @SamHarrisOrg’s Debate Challenge

Sam Harris, who said on Joe Rogan’s podcast that Hillary Clinton would win the election (and also that Trump “terrified” him) wants to debate me. You sound scared, Mike. — Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) March 5, 2017 You’d think that after getting everything wrong for 18 months, a “rationalist” like Harris would read my books […]